Don’t be afraid, politely, to disagree with your interviewer: give free rein to your views and opinions.

Of course it depends on the role for which you are being interviewed, but in general it will pay dividends if you put forward your views and opinions, show your reasoning and demonstrate your self reliance.

Don’t become a “yes sir, no sir” kind of interviewee with no opinions of your own.

Don’t be subservient, don’t hide your light under a bushel: you need to demonstrate your expertise.

Remember, an interview is a business meeting between professionals who have agreed to meet in order to discuss a particular topic - no, the topic is not you - the topic under discussion is the job description and the challenges the company is facing.

The interviewer wants the job filling and the challenges solved: your task is to illustrate how, with careful reasoning and critical analysis, you are the best person to do the filling and the solving!

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